Bot and Fraudulent Activity

Cinchbucks works to make sure that our web site is safe, secure & running 24/7 and this signifies monitoring for what may appear to be “bot like activity”. A web Bot, also known web automaton bot, is a software program/application that operates computerized jobs run by automated codes or scripts. Usually, robots carry out jobs that are both simple and conceptually repetitive, at a much higher rate than would be feasible for a individual alone.
Bot Activity can be triggered by any variety of factors including a Bot system that is arranged to run actions for the objective of crediting without conclusion of the activity as designed.
Boosting your refresh/clicks per hour can cause a Bot like recognition and if you refresh or click too many times on the offer/survey link it does not increase the rate at which the website operates or provides tasks such as surveys, offerss but it will flag the account which may have those features removed or account closed due to this type of actions.

cinchbucks reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate a User‘s account and terminate all Cash or other items published to their Account and referrals, in addition to any other legal treatments, in the event a User‘s activity appears fraudulent.

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