Cinchbucks GiftCard

The CinchBucks GiftCardis an innovative digital Retailer GiftCard that let’s you choose how to spend your earnings!

Members can redeem for dozens of top retail gift cards like Amazon, Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Starbucks & Target and spend earnings online.
CinchBucks GiftCards are sent to members after Transaction has been processed to the email used to create CinchBucks account.

Users will be able to select from up to dozen Retailers and can use their income to get One or more cards from their income just by selecting which card they would like to receive from redeem reward or redeem CBs page.

You select your favourite store GiftCard, Once selected, they are emailed directly to the Members personal email and can be used same day.
The CinchBucks GiftCard can have earnings applied to one card or several from amounts (denominations) of $10- $1,000 some Retailers will require a minimum rate. See each card for details on redeem rewards page.

Note: CinchBucks has a $ 0.5 processing fee per $ 10 for some gift cards.

There are NO Additional FEE’s associated with the card and they NEVER expire!

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