I completed an offer and have not received credit, what can I do?

In general, we ask that you to contact the individual offer company (Superrewards, offertoro, or Peanut Labs) via their contact link, for help in resolving the credit due. You will usually receive a response from these companies within 5 business days.

We ask that you provide the following details in your response to us. Where you were presented with the offer: (inbox, offer wall, homepage, etc.), Offer Company, Amount of CB due.

Please send the confirmation email you received when the offer was completed.* (if available)

By providing this information upfront in your ticket to us, we will be able to offer you a faster resolve. If you are unsure of which company placed the offer, please let us know.

High point value offers completed off an external offer wall will credit after a delayed period of time. The advertiser must review your submitted responses more thoroughly to make sure that there are no fraud issues before we can reward those points permanently to your account.
We reserve the right to request receipts of completed offers prior to or after the awarding of CB in order to verify with the applicable provider that such completions are valid.
We understand that there may be events when this actions does not result in resolution. If you have reached out to the offer company with no result, please feel free to contact us directly.

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