Videos aren’t crediting! What do I really do?

Doing the following can lead to non crediting or becoming blocked.

1. Video are meant to be utilized like television.

2. Proxy or VPN making use of all these, not permitted.

3. Using a bot/script may cause the advertiser to block you completely.

4. Using an Auto-refresher or Adblocker.

5. Do not watch on several screen per device, or even more than 3 products per household at the same time.

Let’s make certain you’re properly credited CBs for every video completion by following steps.

1. The Chrome browser may be the best browser to make use of with video players.

2. Please usually do not use any adblocker software program or extensions.

3. In the event that you aren’t seeing any advertisements, try switching to another channel topic.

4. Maximize your screensize and ensure that your internal volume configurations are turned up.

5. Double check you have allowed Flash on the video participant page.

6. Make sure that advertisements are showing before every video.

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