virtual private network(VPNs), Proxy IP’s Not Permitted

Users must be living individuals, and not corporations or any other type of entity. Users must provide a valid Email Address during registration in order to activate their cinchbucks Account.

Users are required to follow the prerequisites set by the site and it’s advertisers and any effort to violate the prerequisite of a cash earning activity or the web site may result in the closure of the account and ineligibility to any earnings on the account.

cinchbucks does not enable users to gain access to the web site to complete activities for generating income (CBs) by using a VPN or Proxy IP connection. Methods used to hide or block the country or location of a device used to connect to cinchbucks is prohibited.
Our system will indicate when a VPN or Proxy IP Block has been detected when you are connecting via a VPN, proxy IP website or service. Because our web site can vary by providing cash actions based on geographic location and these sorts of connections are regularly used to bypass geolocation methods, your account could be removed/deleted if VPN/PROXY IP are detected.
Users should deactivate any proxies, VPNs, or other application that might route your Internet traffic outside of your current region (geographic location) as future detection could result in loss of account and revenue.
For best results, we also suggest making sure your device’s network settings are set to Auto.

Because presently there is no trustworthy method for us to decide if a VPN or a proxy IP is being used for genuine reasons, any VPN or proxy use is not permitted.

If you would like to check your IP you may do so here: just search on google “MY IP”.

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