What is new cinchbucks, CBs and how it is different from my old account on cinchbucks?

We have built a entirely new version of cinchbucks to give more earning opportunities to our members like surveys, discover offers, watch videos, app downloads and many more coming soon. Also we are now giving 100s of reward redemptions options like paypal, payza, amazon, walmart, starbucks & many more gift cards.

The new cinchbucks will have enhanced user experience with option to refer your friends and family members and earn 1o% of referral commission at same time, Better customer support where you can raise service requests for any of your concerns related to your account and An amazing and fun way to invest your time to make money online.

CBs are new form of virtual currency you can earn by performing above activities that can be redeemed for real cash on paypal, payza and shopping gift cards (The value of 1 USD = 100 CB)

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