What’s the Cinchbucks Chrome & Mozilla extension?

Congrats on downloading the Cinchbucks Broser Plug-in! In the event that you haven’t downloaded the Plug-in yet, discover out why the Cinchbucks Plug-in is indeed useful for Cinchbucks earners! You could find out everything here before downloading.

If you’re ready to download the extension, you could find it on the Chrome & Mozilla Store!

The Cinchbucks Chrome & Mozilla extension may be the new fast and simple way for you to continue to work with your Cinchbucks account. You can now check your status with only a click of a button.

What can I carry out with the Cinchbucks Chrome & Mozilla extension?

The Cinchbucks extension has many features:

Stay Updated: Get notifications of fresh surveys and alerts whenever your reward is processed! Obtain notifications for when you obtain credited for surveys, offers, and provide offerwall completions!

Accounts Stats: Check how close you are to your latest cash card & gift card! With the Plug-in, you can examine your daily earnings, regular monthly and lifetime income all in one place.

Referral Stats: Have a quick peek at how very well your referrals are doing! The extension enables you to check your active referrals as well as your overall earning chart during the last week. You can also make reference to your latest and life time referrals to observe how much factors your referrals are generating for you!

CinchCode Alert: There’s you don’t need to hesitate of missing a Cinchcode anymore! The Cinchbucks plugin alerts you to all or any newly released cinchcodes if they are active. You also have the simplicity to enter Cinchcodes right into the extension!


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