Why i am seeing two separate reward sections, where are my old rewards?

We have not merged your old account with new cinchbucks account to avoid any sort of confusion as we are now using new method of  reward management i.e, CB (virtual currency that can be redeemed for real cash and gift cards)

Previously we were using rewards in dollars which can be redeemed for paypal cash. You can still find your old rewards in old account tab (first you have to login with your old user credentials)

So your new earnings from new cinchbucks will accumulate as CBs in rewards tab in new cinchbucks dashboard and your old rewards will still be there in old cinchbucks reward section.

We suggest you to redeem your remaining old rewards as soon as you reach your threshold limit, and start earning fresh CBs on new cinchbucks. In new cinchbucks your will find new ways of earning as well as more online high paid surveys.

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