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An Overview of Cloudways hosting

Cloudways is one of the top providers of cloud hosting. What is cloud hosting?  It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like – hosting via the “cloud.” Basically a huge number of real world servers work together as one system to provide a stable and secure hosting for virtual servers. This means higher performance at a lower cost with even greater web hosting flexibility.

What Makes Cloudways Different

Cloud hosting is available from a number of well-known hosting companies, but Cloudways has taken it to the next level. They’ve improved upon the traditional cloud to bring you several managed cloud hosting options with standout features.

First off they use the latest servers and systems (nginx, varnish, memcached and apache to be specific) as a part of what they call the ThunderStack. This incredible combo is what makes Cloudways hosting fast and reliable.

The other great part about Cloudways as opposed to some of their competitors is that they provide managed server-side security with all of their plans. They use multiple layers of protection with auto-updates to keep all of the servers on their platform up to date.

Plus you’ll be hard pressed to find another host that allows you the variety of platform choices (your pick of DigitalOcean, VULTR, Amazon or Google), unlimited installations, team collaboration, easy server scaling and an amazingly easy to use account console (which you’ll see plenty of snapshots of later) and free SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt.

Earn 2000 CB

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