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Use Proof is no joke when it comes to social proof marketing on your website.

It’s simple to use and most likely integrate nicely into your website.

I love a tool that once it’s up, your pretty much good.

Use Proof top features

  • Mobile optimized –  Everybody is searching your site on a mobile device.  And well, Use Proof made sure their software is there too.  Big plus.
  • Activity notifications – This is an awesome feature.  You can show what people are viewing and what they are buying on your site.  This screams conversion for your website all day.
  • Language translation – I find this nice that you can convert to another language when needed.  Great feature.
  • Easy integration – most likely they have a solution to plug and play right into your website so you don’t have to worry about it being tough.
  • Live visitor count – Shows how many people are viewing the page at that exact time.
Earn 1000 CB

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